Whether your exhibit is isolated by walls, installed too low for a gravity return, or if it's just not possible to run floor-level pipework, this pumping system is your answer.

The smart tank is an integrated pumping solution that has been designed for hassle-free, continuous water movement. Redirect overflow water from an aquarium into the magic tank like you would do with a normal sump or reservoir, and run hoses or pipework wherever you need the water to go. Then for the smart bit: as the tank starts to fill up, the water will be pumped away - no human intertvention necessary!


This is perfect if you're unable to run floor level pipework to your central filtration system: just position the smart tank somewhere convenient, and run pipes or hoses wherever else you need to (maximum head is 6m, so pumping across up and across the ceiling is no problem), and the water will be moved automatically from A to B as if it were a normal gravity return! Ideal if you want to stabilise water quality by attaching to a bigger system, or if you just want to be more efficient with time and energy by eliminating mutlitple small filtration systems. 


The smart tank is built to order, and comes pre-assembled, ready to go.

Smart Tank


    • Made from IP66 rated components
    • Suitable for outdoor use

    Product video #1
    Digital datasheet (coming soon)

    Installation guide (coming soon)


    • 250L tank
    • 1 x pump