Developed in close collaboration with the SeaLife specialist welfare department, GUARDIAN is one of our most exciting products. This is an automated flash photography deterrent that triggers a localised announcement at an exhibit if the sensor detects a camera flash. It works great beside exhibits with particularly sensitive animals, such as Octopus or Seahorse tanks.

GUARDIAN comes pre-loaded with our standard sounds, but adding your own sounds is as simple as plugging into a computer, and dragging new sounds into a folder like a USB flash drive. If you want to do this, we have a handy "how to" guide coming soon.

NB: If you want to cover a larger zone, or multiple exhibits simultaneously, see GuardianXL.



    • Made from IP66 rated components
    • Suitable for outdoor use

    • Product video
    • Digital datasheet (coming soon)

    • Installation guide (coming soon)

  • What's in the box?

    • "Guardian" control box
    • 1x flash sensor
    • Wall power supply
    • 20w speaker