An exciting and versatile interactive system allowing visitors to create rain, mist, waves, or other conditions inside an exhibit - at the touch of a button!


The TORRENT system allows equipment such as dump buckets, recirculation pumps, mist, rain or spray systems to be plugged in safely via a waterproof socket, and controlled by guests via a touch button panel. The panel is customisable so as to reflect the application you’ve chosen - “Make some waves!”, “Mist our frogs!”, “Make it rain!” are just some of the possibilities.


Connecting TORRENT to a wave system allows visitors to evoke currents and waves bombarding a marine habitat, allowing them to witness animal behaviour changing as the waves crash. The unit is programmed to count down 60 seconds after one button press before allowing the next, so as not to overwhelm the tank; this is customisable, and contact us to discuss your requirements.


Connecting TORRENT to a rain or mist system gives visitors control of this most essential of rainforest conditions - fulfilling a vital husbandry requirement while keeping guests engaged. The duration of the rain/mist, and the time between each activation, is customisable, and the unit can also be programmed to activate outside guest hours on a timer, to fulfil husbandry requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Install TORRENT on an exhibit, and let visitors take some of the strain out of keeping your rainforest exhibits suitably humid!


TORRENT could also be used, for example, with a rain system on an aquarium tank - giving an extra dimension to your freshwater zone. The nature of this system (controlling a universal waterproof socket) makes it very versatile; contact us if you’d like to explore a different application, marine or otherwise!