An exciting “bubblemaker” allowing visitors to produce a plume of bubbles in a tank at the touch of a button!


VORTEX - designed for aquatic exhibits - is a control system allowing visitors to press a button and release bubbles into a tank, using the exhibitor’s existing air supply. Systems like this are already in use in SEA LIFE centres around the UK, and are very popular with guests - we’ve also seen the bubbles used very creatively, e.g. opening a toilet seat, or emanating from a SCUBA diver mannequin. Get creative!


We've also been amazed by the way that animals interact with the bubbles, and have seen cownose rays hovering above the bubble point waiting for a mini-massage, and seals that dive head first through the plume. Install VORTEX on an exhibit, and give yourself another tick in the "animal enrichment" box at the same time as pleasing guests!


The unit is programmed to count down 60 seconds after one button press before allowing the next, so as not to overwhelm the tank; this is customisable, and contact us to discuss your requirements.


VORTEX includes a solenoid valve and PVC fittings, and is ready to be plumbed into blowers, air pumps, or existing ring mains.